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Areté is a progressive product creation company focused on increasing accessibility to the technical world of footwear creation. Sitting at the intersection of design, engineering, production, brand and the culture of the industry, we combine knowledge, experience and taste to offer a uniquely holistical approach to the world of product creation.


Based between Asia and Europe, Areté was formed to remove the barriers in a highly complex industry. With our global network and experienced production partner we have created a progressive product creation infrastructure focused on covering the full spectrum of the product creation process.

Below we break down the three key functions of Areté.


Create is our core function, driving footwear programs through the stages of Research, Design, Development, Engineering and Production from initial concept/brief to final product shipment and beyond.


Focusing on the design & engineering functions only, we act as the external design team for brands helping you bring ideas to market. Covering a range of product categories, our design support covers a wide range of disciplines and project needs within this function. 


Coming 2022


Founded on the principles of the freedom of creativity and the technicality of process management.

Founder + Design Engineer

Myles O'Meally

Schooled in Design Engineering before working for Nike as a Footwear Developer for 5 years. Over his five years at Nike, Myles worked within the footwear creation team at Nike EHQ and for three years within the Development and Engineering teams in Saigon, Vietnam. After leaving Nike in 2018, Myles started Areté in 2019.

Senior Product Designer

Slimane Cherif Khaldi

Trained as a Character and Props designer following his studies in Director Animated Cinema, Cherif moved to product design as a freelancer working on various capsule collections including Yeezy Season 7. Before joining the Areté team in 2020, Cherif spent 3 years as Head of Design and Collaborations at C2H4 and Chemical Creations.

Product Designer

Nathan Alexander Walker

Having graduated from Cordwainers Footwear: Footwear Design and Innovation at UAL, Nathan joined the Areté team in 2019. During his time at UAL Nathan interned for McQ by Alexander McQueen, Concept Kicks and was part of the design team commissioned on the Timberland CONSTRUCT:10061 project.

Office/Project Manager

Tessa Nona Magdalena Knegt

During her study, Tessa worked for Amsterdam based fashion brands: Filling Pieces and Daily Paper, gaining knowledge in the culture of the industry. After successfully graduating with a Business Administration degree she joined Areté in 2021.

Design Intern

Paul Combel

With a background in product design, Paul is exploring visual and digital cultures in the Bachelor department at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Through his studies, he is developing an understanding of objects and images and their constructions. Willing to create a bridge between these worlds and his interest in fashion, he joins Areté on a 7 month internship for the spring semester 2022.


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