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The create service offers the complete product creation support enabling the creation of footwear from a singular model to full multi style footwear programs. Working directly with the brand and our production partners we manage and drive the project through the various stages of the complex footwear creation process.

Each project is kicked off at the ideation phase where we work directly with the brand on concepts and initial designs for the project before moving through the development and production stages with our production partners. Below you can read in detail the stages of the footwear creation process and our work flow.

Development Process

Gate 1



Each project begins with the ideation phase, triggered by delivery of the Creative Direction from the client. Areté then manages the kick off of the project through initial concept generation to tech pack creation.

Tech Pack Content:

  • Initial concept and mood board
  • Project brief
  • Initial designs (Upper and/or Tooling)
  • Method of make direction
  • Project timeline
  • Target FOB (manufacturing cost)
  • Target retail
  • Forecasted units

Gate 2



Once the design is approved by the brand then we can move through the development stage. During the sample development stage the design, function and manufacturability of the upper and tooling (sole) for the shoe is fine tuned.

Sample Development:

  • Last selected or created
  • Material, hardware and accessories development and sourcing
  • Upper development rounds – sample creation/sample feedback cycle
  • Tooling development – 2D to 3D to prototype to final part
  • Cost Engineering – efficiency targets
  • Sustainable development – green library, waste minimization, product, pattern and production efficiencies
  • Mold and jig design and creation (upper and tooling)
  • Development sample confirmed
  • Wear testing/fit testing

Gate 3

Product Confirmation

Product Confirmation

Once the development sample has been confirmed ready for production Areté works closely with our manufacturing partners managing the project through the stages of production readiness.

Product Commercialisation:

  • Final wear test/fit feedback integrated on to product
  • Production sample confirmed
  • Production line trials
  • Grading – Molds and jigs are opened in all sizes
  • Grading – Product confirmation samples are created in all sizes to check the design and function of the product across all sizes
  • QC checks

Gate 4

Final Product

Final Product

The final phase is production and shipment of the product.

Final Product:

  • Production of the final product begins with QC checks done throughout
  • Product is shipped to your chosen destination via your chosen delivery mode (air, sea or road)
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