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Digital Design Program

As a product creation studio, our mission has always been to break down the barriers in a complex "closed shop" industry. Bringing greater utility to the wider industry and providing brands with a platform to create and execute. Born out of this desire to break down the barriers in the industry, our Digital Design Program extends this ethos into the digital universe through our own product and the digital services we will provide. It is a program that will live in the digital space, on the blockchain but have a relationship with the physical world. Allowing us to have great flexibility over the utility of our product and components while connecting them with real-world files, projects and more. The Digital Design Program will focus on providing the right tools and foundation to help foster and maximise the full potential of an inclusive community in which everyone is welcome to create and push the digital to physical boundaries with us

Creative Director


Former Nike Design Engineer, founder of Areté

IG: @myles_omeally
T: @myles_omeally

Head of Digital


Former character animator for Disney, Senior Designer Areté

IG: @SlimaneKpi
T: @Slimanekaldi

Head of Design


3D Designer at Illumination MacGuff

T: @BonvardTerry



CG Environment Artists at Riot Games/Fortiche

IG: @chamschitou

Head of Dev/Strategy


Game Developer at Ubisoft

T: @SdMecha

Marketing Lead


Doing a few things in Digital Marketing for Nike

IG: @max_nguyenth
T: @max_nguyenTH



Graphic and Product designer Areté

IG: @p2____c4
T: @PaulCombel