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The toolkit offers brands an alternative way to begin their footwear projects, simplifying the complex and time consuming technical process of last and tooling (sole) creation/selection while also avoiding high mold costs for new tooling. The client begins the design and development processes by taking three simple steps:

Development Process

Stage 1

Last Selection

Last Selection

The last will determine the function and finished look of the shoe. Below is a description of our lasts, please download the toolkit to view all lasts:


  1. Narrow
  2. Wide
  3. High Instep
  4. Runner
  5. Skate

Stage 2

Tooling Design

Tooling Design

All our tooling platforms are created through the lenses of functionality, sustainability and innovation. Offering a range of designs and functions all our toolings are compliant with all our lasts.

Below is a description of our tooling platforms, please download the toolkit to view all designs:

Tooling Platforms:

  1. ? – Green EVA/Green Rubber
  2. ? – Phylon/Regrind Rubber
  3. ? – Rubber EVA composite
  4. ? – Green EVA/TPU/Green Rubber
  5. ? –

Stage 3

Last Draft

Last Draft

The last draft is a 2D template of the last. This is used to create the upper pattern for the shoe ensuring a correct pattern for the last. Areté will use these last draft files as development begins with our production partners. 

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